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Communication through moving image

Creative, engaging content that communicates ideas – and entertains.

Olaus Roe is a video production company based in Bristol UK, with a global reach spanning all aspects of film and video. Established in 2003, our objective has always been to increase and enhance communication between our clients and their audiences.

Using our combined unique skills and business knowledge, we know how to help brands connect and communicate with their audiences giving measurable results. We aim to be as creative as we can possibly be when approaching every one of our projects.

Our team is passionate about developing informative, engaging and entertaining video content that connects with people, deepens viewer relationships and takes brands in exciting new directions. Below are a few reels that give an insight into our work, with more details and an expanded selection of some of our projects lower down the page…

What we do

We create moving image content that includes broadcast design, post production and VFX, motion graphics and animation, corporate film, TV commercials, promos, channel branding, virals, social media and online video content.

We help companies by taking care of the creative side of video production, pre-production, filming, post-production and delivery. We can also secure all the necessary paperwork and permissions, filming, editing and mastering for broadcast. As CAA permit holders and drone operators, we are even able to take aerial shots to get impressive images from above.

Using the combined talent, skills and strategic knowledge of our team, we work across the four key areas of corporate film, TV commercials, motion graphics & animation and broadcast graphics & visual FX.

Broadcast Graphics and VFX

From wire painting, rotoscoping, CGI zero-G effects to complete environment CGI replacement, we can help to design your sequences or manipulate existing footage to create flawless broadcast graphics and seamless visual fx.

Graphic sequences to enhance and explain content, shot correction, compositing to create what cannot be filmed by camera alone, globes, maps, animated text and diagrams, right through to photo-real recreations of the real to the surreal. We also design and produce title sequences for film and TV, as well as end credits, straps and transitions for film or programme content.

See more of our Broadcast work...

Macro Virtual Productions with LiveScene

We have developed our own pioneering virtual production system designed for macro filming called LiveScene

Unlike a regular volumetric virtual studio, our compact set-up utilises a high definition LED screen which means a macro lens can be focused at close distance to the background without the appearance of unwanted interference patterns.

Bespoke progamming makes our system simple to use, forgiving of lens changes and capable of loading and saving pre-made background scenarios and animation actions in a matter of seconds. Shot backplates can be utilised, but working in Unreal Engine we can create backgrounds to match your requirements that will allow you much more creative control and flexibility on set, in what would normally be unalterable post-production decisions. For example try moving the camera to a different position in the environment, change the direction of sunlight, or remove it completely and make it a stormy rainswept night.

Camera operators also have free rein to move a near 360° and the virtual background tracks to follow. Likewise, slide in toward the background or go handheld and movement tracks perfectly. The camera operator can concentrate on the shot, with the confidence that the background movement and interactions will be consistent and timed perfectly each time.

See more of our Broadcast work...

Motion Graphics and Animation

At heart we are creatively focussed and base all that we do on an experienced approach to good design and skilful execution.

Motion graphics and animation can really help to engage and maintain interest in your film, as well as helping the message to be more memorable. Sometimes the aim may just be to create great-looking video to attract interest – and at other times, such as with explainer videos or brand, product and service promos it can be essential to describe the content as clearly and succinctly as possible. We can animate in any style of both 2D and 3D, from abstract to photo-real, and we can design, build and animate CGI content to the highest quality.


We have experience producing and delivering content for cinematic release.

We’ve produced short films for cinema release which have included Dolby Surround sound mixes and a combination of live footage and VFX sequences. We’ve also produced and delivered cinema commercials and produced visuals effects and title sequences for feature film release.

In all these cases we’ve had to deal with the technical issues associated with cinema production including dealing with colour space, resolution and even Sony Surround Sound mixing. We also master media and distribute direct to national cinemas for independent film distribution.

TV Commercials Production

TV commercials and web/social media promos from initial concept right through to final delivery.

You can brief us on your audience and objectives so that we can produce storyboards and scripts, or we can work to your own boards if that’s preferred. We’ve filmed in locations all over the world, we can work to all styles of both 2D and 3D animation and we can combine live-action and animation if required to produce TV spots, promos and virals that communicate your message clearly and achieve results. We handle all clearances, permissions paperwork and technical checks and can deliver your copy to any media destination worldwide, ready for broadcast.

Corporate Film

Using video for employee engagement, marketing or sales campaigns increases your brand awareness and allows you to tell your story in the best possible way.

We take a unique approach to corporate video production for every client. Video can be used across all media and devices too, including apps and websites, as well as more traditional media such as cinema and television. (ie: for TV commercials, social media, web promos, virals, events, etc).

Video dominates internet and mobile traffic by an ever-increasing rate, generating more shareable content and boosting your SEO, helping you to make your success rate more measurable. We can help you to stand out and make the most of the opportunities.

Our team has a vast amount of expertise producing content for brand launch and evolution, employee engagement, B2B and B2C communications, working with senior executives of global organisations, to employees who have never been filmed before. We also have a flawless track record working in situations where there may be vulnerable individuals, children or safety considerations.


Planet insect 01
Planet Insect
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured, Motion graphics
Planet Insect - behind the scenes
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured, Motion graphics
Preview 1 minute Aerial Reel
Aerial Filming in 1 minute
Featured, Broadcast, Corporate film
Science Technology reel 01
Science and Technology Reel
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Dragonfly graphics reel 01 00 01 02 24 Still002
Dragons and Damsels
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured, Motion graphics
Behind the scenes general 01
Behind the scenes at Olaus Roe
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Hary potter sorting hat 01 1920x1080
Harry Potter Sorting Hat
Commercials, Toys
Mandalorian MVP 01
Product shoots in Macro Virtual Production
Commercials, Toys, Broadcast
Ne RF MVP 01
Macro Virtual Production just got real!
Planet insect hive minds title 01
Planet Insect - Titles
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, titles
DKT 01
Don't Knock Twice
Broadcast, Motion graphics, Visual effects & Post production
Somerset Supernatural promo 01
Somerset Supernatural
Broadcast, Motion graphics
Sleeping room
The Sleeping Room
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production
Horro vfx with Text
Horror Visual Effects
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production
Tree aid 01
Tree Aid - Awa and the Shea Trees
Corporate film, Short films
Microkillers superflu 02
Micro Killers - Superflu
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Elevage bovin 01
Élevage Bovin
Broadcast, Short films
Micro Killers BHS copy
Micro Killers - Project Overview
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Microkillers airplane 02
Micro Killers - Airborne
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Microkillers malaria 02
Micro Killers - Malaria
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Microkillers title 01
Micro Killers - Titles
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
Graphics Reel Text
Graphics Reel
Motion graphics, Showreels, Featured
D&B Soundscape
Corporate film, Motion graphics, Featured
Micro Safari BHS
Micro Safari - Project Overview
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production
The Royal Mint
Corporate film
Broadcast Entertainment Reel Text 1
Broadcast Reel
Broadcast, Showreels
UHC perfect storm 01
United Healthcare - Timelapse
Corporate film
Air BP 01
Air BP
Corporate film, Motion graphics
Caple sense premium
Caple Sense Premium
Corporate film, Motion graphics
Corporate film, Motion graphics, Featured
EQYO brand 01
EQYO brand animation
Corporate film, Motion graphics, Branding
Effects Reel Text 02
Visual Effects Reel
Showreels, Visual effects & Post production
Brain nat geo01
Brain Connections
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production
606 club 2
606 Club
Corporate film, Motion graphics
Motorola - We get you
Corporate film, Motion graphics, Featured
Castrol smoothpour01
Castrol - Smoothpour
Corporate film, Motion graphics
Ryder DDS
Ryder - DDS
Corporate film, Motion graphics
EDF Campus
Corporate film
Bristol zoo logo01 1
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Jack the beanstalk thumb01
Jack and the Beanstalk
Motion graphics, Short films
Simplyhealth pro 02
Simplyhealth Professionals
Branding, Corporate film, Motion graphics
Goodyear TPMS
Goodyear TPMS
Corporate film, Motion graphics
HP Advent Calendar 02
Harry Potter Advent Calendar
Commercials, Toys
Hogwarts 01
Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
Commercials, Toys
UHC animation
United Healthcare - Healthcare Everywhere
Branding, Corporate film, Motion graphics
Chef dieuviel nature 01 1
Chef Dieuveil - Nature
Broadcast, Short films
Maps Globes 01
Maps and Globes Reel
Broadcast, Motion graphics, Showreels, Visual effects & Post production, Featured
The Himalayas
Broadcast, Motion graphics, Visual effects & Post production
Nat geo science
National Geographic - Space and science
Broadcast, Motion graphics, Visual effects & Post production
ARC 01
Scalextric - ARC Air
Commercials, Toys, Motion graphics
Corporate Reel 1
Corporate Film
Corporate film, Showreels
Paragon circles 01
Paragon - Circles
Motion graphics, Visual effects & Post production
Global Experence Reel 02
Global Reel
Corporate film, Showreels
High speed reel 02
High Speed Reel
Transport Text
Transport Reel
Travel foundation cyprus
The Travel Foundation - Cyprus
Corporate film
Travel foundation tobago
The Travel Foundation - Tabago Limes
Corporate film
Economist 01
The Economist
Toy reel 01
Toy Reel
Commercials, Showreels, Toys
Brain train 01
The Brain Train
Commercials, Toys
30 cubed
30 Cubed
Commercials, Toys
Genius square 01
The Genius Square
Commercials, Toys
Bee genius
Bee Genius
Commercials, Toys
Genius star
Genius Star
Commercials, Toys
Commercials, Toys
Barbie brand 02
Barbie - 50th Anniversary
Corporate film, Motion graphics, Toys
Barbie hamleys 01
Barbie - Hamley's Store
Corporate film, Motion graphics, Toys
Scalextric BTCC
Scalextric BTCC Touring Cars
Commercials, Toys
Sing a ma jigs 02
Commercials, Toys
Afro fusion 01
Afro Fusion et l'art Africain
10 micro safari 01
Micro Safari
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production
Display pilots
Display Pilots
POD copy
POD Charitable Trust
Corporate film, Featured
Brainwave copy
The Brainwave Centre
Corporate film, Featured
1 weatherford 01
1 Weatherford
Corporate film
Hot wheels sam bird 01
Hot Wheels Team Drivers - Sam Bird
Broadcast, Corporate film
Hot Wheels 2013 Red
Hot Wheels Challenge - Team Red
Commercials, Toys
Hot wheels cinema 01
Cinema - Hot Wheels Challenge
Commercials, Toys
Hot Wheels 2013 Green
Hot Wheels Challenge - Team Green
Commercials, Toys
Hot wheels oliver webb 01
Hot Wheels Team Driver - Oliver Webb
Broadcast, Corporate film
Hotwheels BHS
Hotwheels - Project Overview
Branding, Commercials, Toys
Simply great run 01
Simplyhealth - Edinburgh Great Run
Corporate film
Hot Wheels 2013 Yellow
Hot Wheels Challenge - Team Yellow
Commercials, Toys
Hot Wheels 2013 Blue
Hot Wheels Challenge - Team Blue
Commercials, Toys
Hot wheels tom onslow 01
Hot Wheels Team Drivers - Tom Onslow - Cole
Broadcast, Corporate film
Hot wheels jack harvey 01
Hot Wheels Team Drivers - Jack Harvey
Broadcast, Corporate film
Making a killing 01
Making a Killing
Short films
Weatherford - Our Culture
Corporate film
Reall nigeria 01
Reall - Nigeria
Corporate film
Reall portrait
Reall - Portraits
Corporate film
Reall Muhammad Akeel
Reall - Pakistan - Muhammad Akeel
Corporate film
Reall pakistan 01
Reall - Pakistan - Shazia Rubeena
Corporate film
Reall Bushra
Reall - Pakistan - Bushra
Corporate film
Reall women
Reall - Empowering Women
Corporate film
Reall democracy
Reall - Improving democracy
Corporate film
Reall economies
Reall - Improving Economies
Corporate film
Reall health
Reall - Improving Health
Corporate film
Reall resilience
Reall - Improving Resilience
Corporate film
Denplan glass 01
Denplan - Glass Apple
Corporate film
Gulf 02
Gulf 360
Branding, Corporate film
Anglo american e Market 01
Anglo American Digital Innovation eMarket
Corporate film, Motion graphics
27 zurich drums01
Zurich - Drums
Corporate film, Motion graphics
20 zurich rock star01
Zurich - Rock Star - Underwriting the wilder artists
Corporate film
26 zurich piano
Zurich - Piano
Corporate film
22 zurich footballer 01
Zurich - Pro Footballer
Corporate film
21 zurich family trust01
Zurich - Family Trust - Underwriting risk
Corporate film
Comet Ideal
Comet - Ideal
Comet World
Comet - World of electricals
Hot Wheels 2012 Green
Team Hot Wheels 'Speed'
Commercials, Toys, Motion graphics
Hot Wheels 2012 Blue
Team Hot Wheels 'Precision'
Commercials, Motion graphics, Toys
19 simplyhealth customer call 01
Simplyhealth - You Make Me Feel
Branding, Corporate film, Motion graphics
Embarkation - Sci-FI Short
Short films, Visual effects & Post production
Over There - Sci-FI Short
Short films, Visual effects & Post production
Extra 2 days 01
Extra 2 Days - Sci-FI Short
Short films, Visual effects & Post production
Tag Heuer
Corporate film
05 discovery science question everything01
Discovery Science - Question Everything
Branding, Visual effects & Post production
Escat ESA
European Space Agency - ESCAT
Corporate film
Corporate film
Day job title 01
The Day Job
Broadcast, Motion graphics, Featured
Viasat Nordic 01b
Viasat Channel Idents
Broadcast, Visual effects & Post production
Mir scrabble 01
Mir - Space Comedy
Broadcast, Short films, Visual effects & Post production
DJI 0177 copy
Aerial filming
Showreels, Corporate film, Broadcast
Aerial reel longer look
Aerial Reel - A longer look
Broadcast, Corporate film, Featured
Comet Demo 01
Comet Demos
Corporate film
Plan Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 11 32 51
Plan - Sponsor a child

Our Team

Whether we’re working as part of an Agency team or directly for a client, our friendly approachable attitude always helps us to get the best possible results.

Here are some of the clients we’ve worked with

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And this is what they say

Testimonial 04 1 900 x 250


– +44 (0) 117 925 0481 / email us

Based in Bristol – UK, situated in the heart of Clifton.

We have a full post & production studio.

We’re a short trip to Bristol Temple Meads train station, and an even shorter trip to a wide selection of coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

Based in the heart of Bristol’s media community, our studio offers a great environment for all of our production, post production VFX, editing and animation work. From this studio we plan, develop, online and deliver content around the world with TVCs regularly being delivered to global as well as all of the UK network TV channels.

Blog previews

Here’s a bit about what’s going on at Olaus Roe below. Or you can check out what we get up to by visiting our lovely Blog page.

Exploring the Unseen

Exploring the Unseen

20 May

Filming Paranormal Investigations in Somerset UK

Nestled in the heart of the English countryside, Somerset is a county rich in history, legends, and a touch of the supernatural. From ancient castles to quaint villages, this region is a prime location for paranormal investigations. For filmmaker and paranormal enthusiast John Shackleton, Somerset offered a unique blend of historical intrigue and eerie atmospheres, making it an ideal backdrop for capturing the mysteries of the unseen for a documentary series. View the promo here.

Happy 50th Birthday Bagpuss!

Happy 50th Birthday Bagpuss!

12 Feb

Bagpuss, the most magical, saggy, old, cloth cat in the whole wide world, is 50

The eternal favourite children's show first aired on 12 February 1974. The stop motion animations were made by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate
in Peter's barn in Blean, just outside Canterbury, Kent. Bagpuss lived in a shop that was a home for lost property. (Trivia: the shop window was also Peter's home, and Emily his real life daughter - Emily!

Go Big, Go Hot Wheels!

Go Big, Go Hot Wheels!

15 Dec

Go Big, Go Hot Wheels!

Building monster trucks, setting-up terrain and then making the trucks perform stunts and crashes - a tough shoot ;)

Cooking with Blomberg is a piece of cake...

Cooking with Blomberg is a piece of cake...

06 Nov

Kitchen Chaos

We recently had a lot of fun producing a follow-up commercial to our successful Blomberg washing machine ad, this time we introduced the kitchen range.

Live Action Barbie Movie

Live Action Barbie Movie

10 Jul

Live Action Barbie Movie

As rave reviews for Greta Gerwig's live action Barbie Movie (portrayed by Margot Robbie) hit the internet this week, we were reminded of our own experiences with the live action version of Mattel's famous doll. When Barbie celebrated 50 years on the toy shelves, we worked with Mattel and design agency Oakwood to bring Barbie to life on the streets of London - specifically Regent Street's Hamley's Toy store.

We're 20 years-old this year!

We're 20 years-old this year!

15 Jun

Celebrating our 20th year making video and graphics

We are thrilled and humbled to mark a remarkable milestone in our journey as Olaus Roe celebrates its 20th anniversary. Today, we take great pleasure in reflecting upon two decades of creating all manner of graphics, filming across continents and providing creative content.