Olaus Roe can help you at any stage of your broadcast project, from concept to screen. Designing and producing titles, VFX and graphics for film and television. And now - with our Macro Virtual Production.

From wire painting, rotoscoping, CGI zero-G effects to complete environment CGI replacement, we can help to design your sequences or manipulate existing footage to create flawless broadcast graphics and seamless visual effects.

But also, we can bring our unique Macro Virtual Production technology into your production.

We produce graphic sequences to enhance and explain content. We can help make shot corrections such as making background and sky replacements and we have in house compositing and CGI modelling skills to produce globes and map graphics, animated text and diagrams, right through to recreations of the real to the surreal.

Check out some of the results on our Broadcast Graphics reel below.

Macro Virtual Production

We have developed our own pioneering virtual production system designed for macro filming.

Unlike a regular volumetric virtual studio, our compact set-up utilises a high definition LED screen which means a macro lens can be focused at close distance to the background without the appearance of unwanted interference patterns.

Bespoke programming makes our system simple to use, forgiving of lens changes and capable of loading and saving pre-made background scenarios and animation actions in a matter of seconds. Shot backplates can be utilised, but working in Unreal Engine we can create backgrounds to match your requirements that will allow you much more creative control and flexibility on set, in what would normally be unalterable post-production decisions. For example try moving the camera to a different position in the environment, change the direction of sunlight, or remove it completely and make it a stormy rainswept night.

Camera operators also have free reign to move a near 360° and the virtual background tracks to follow. Likewise, slide in toward the background or go handheld and movement tracks perfectly. The camera operator can concentrate on the shot, with the confidence that the background movement and interactions will be consistent and timed perfectly each time.

For an explanatory video see here

Animation and VFX

We can bring an extra dimension to your show with our graphics content and can help explain complicated scenarios such as those found in science factual and natural history programming.

Visual effects in the Insect World

A glimpse behind the scenes - revealing the scope of visual effects graphic content for this beautiful 3-part natural history series, where scientists discover that insects have remarkably sophisticated behaviours and even personalities similar to humans. Narrated by Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew and directed by Steve Nicholls.

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Hand Drawn TV graphics

Animated graphic content in the style of watercolour studies in a field
notebook for this David Attenborough narrated natural history programme.

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Find your way via our navigation graphics

From simple clean graphic styles to high-end photo realism, our visual effects can keep your video on the right path.

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Proof of concepts, pitches and development phases

We love getting the opportunity to help out with programmes at their concept stages. We have successfully helped televison producers to sell-in their programme concepts by crafting affordable test pieces. These can be as simple as sourcing social media clips that lend themselves to the concept, then editing them together to align to the concept and adding some simple post production, graphics and voice over.

Where a deeper proof of concept for character development, presenter or location tests are required, Olaus Roe can deliver creative and engaging material all shot and produced to our high standards, yet within the often very small budgets allocated for this type of concept test.

See more about how we can help out with programme pitches and development here

Title sequences

We enjoy getting stuck into a title sequence and can help you produce a big, exciting sequence at a reasonable cost. We can innovate and design concepts then visualise them in storyboards or with concept tests for your team, or work to your own ideas and briefs.

Feature Film Credits

Design and execution of the credit sequence for the Horror feature film Don't Knock Twice, directed by Caradog James.

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A word or two on bugs

Compositing, lighting effects and title design for this beautiful sequence of beetles shot by macro specialist camera operator Nathan Small. The style was then carried through for the 3 part episode title design.

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Promotional Content

When you have an upcoming show to promote, we can take your content and cut trailers or teasers for all platforms from social media to cinema release, with the latter we deal with the technical issues associated with cinema production including dealing with colour space, resolution and even Sony Surround Sound mixing. We can also master media and distribute direct to national cinemas for independent film distribution.

Aerial filming

We have qualified and insured aerial filming operators and platforms if your production requires aerial filming. A more in depth look at our airborne services can be found here.


At Olaus Roe we're completely transparent in our costings, and we pride ourselves on working to a fixed price.

We have Package prices to help clients manage low budget productions, and all broadcast work is fully scoped and budgeted specifically. We have in-house 2D and 3D animation, as well as all graphics, editing and post production requirements.

Talk to us about how we can help out