Planet Insect - behind the scenes

Visual effects in the Insect World

A glimpse behind the scenes - revealing the scope of visual effects graphic content for this beautiful 3-part natural history series, where scientists discover that insects have remarkably sophisticated behaviours and even personalities similar to humans. Narrated by Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew and directed by Steve Nicholls.

Scope of work included chromakey shots, cgi modelling and compositing, sky and weather replacements such as adding rain and storms, title sequences and augmented lighting effects.

Insects are critical to every ecosystem on Earth — but they are as close to an alien life form as we’ll ever see without leaving this planet. There are an estimated 10 quintillion insects from between 5-10 million different species. From jet-propelled bugs to dragonflies that can outmaneuver falcons, and from bugs that thrive on ice and snow to those that share our everyday lives, this is a world of breathtaking beauty, stunning sophistication and astonishing revelations about these creatures that live the most extraordinary lives.

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