Zurich - Pro Footballer

Graphics on the ball

Zurich commissioned us to make a series of short films that showed their large case underwriting service, but without naming specific clients. Films feature the underwriting of a wel- known rock star through to celebrity footballers and chefs.

Each film had a key theme which helped to form the background imagery, with a narration being added as voiceover and kinetic type

Tags: Corporate film

Much of the footage was produce using a High Speed Phantom camera at 1000fps, with the Rock Star sequences featuring the smashing of a TV set. This took 4 TV's to get right, each bing dropped from a 30 foot scaffold rig built in our studios at Avonmouth. Olaus Roe carried out all research into exploding TV's, together with all of the necessary risk assessments and insurances required to carry out the shoot in a safe and appropriate manner.

One of the sequences also featured a lady having knives thrown at her, which again Olaus Roe had to develop a means of filming the material without any safety implications.

The films were shown at trade shows and conferences, with or without audio. Versions were also sent to IFA's to promote Zurich's services.