Product shoots in Macro Virtual Production

"This is the way..." Star Wars in Miniature

The many benefits of shooting with our macro virtual production system, has a lot of appeal for shooting product promos. This includes an infinite creative choice for scenery and backgrounds for the product, and at a fraction of the cost of a full virtual production shoot.

In this example toys from Hasbro's line of Star Wars Vintage Collection, including Haslab's extraordinary crowd-funded recreation of the Razorcrest spaceship, were placed into a simple sand set on an mdf board, shot against an Unreal Engine environment built by referencing some of the iconic desert scenes from the Mandalorian's first series.

What better place to test the macro virtual production concept than recreating scenes from the Disney's Star Wars Mandalorian series ? - the show that pioneered the use of virtual video production on screen.

Tags: Commercials, Toys, Broadcast