Hot Wheels Challenge - Team Blue

Global TV ad campaign

Olaus Roe were commissioned to develop Brand TVC's for Hot Wheels toy cars by Mattel. The TVC's formed part of a worldwide campaign called Team Hot Wheels, with the TVC's being shown right across Europe, Australia and the US.

The Team Hot Wheel campaign features 4 teams, each with their own skills. The Yellow team do the biggest jumps, the Green team are the fastest... Children were invited to join a team via a Micro site where they were set challenges and could receive freebies.

Tags: Commercials, Toys

Each Ad showed children from each team, embarking on their challenge. A total of 4 TVC's, each with 2 children in, were set in a mixure of indoor and outdoor locations. They were shot in Bristol, but essentially were required to have a European feel. Olaus Roe scripted, storyboarded, produced and filmed all the content. All of the post and audio work was also carried out in our studio, with many version of the TVC's being adapted for all of the relevant international markets. The children were sourced from across the South West via casting sessions set up and run by Olaus Roe.A high speed Phantom camera was used to film the toy cars at 1000fps. A bespoke macro camera was also used get close up shots of the product, mimicking a childs POV as they play with the toy. The DOP was Rob Gregory with the spots being directed and produced by Andy Bourne and Dan Hedger. During the campaign, Hot Wheels revenue increased by 26% during the first 4 weeks of the campaign. This placed Hot Wheels back to the number 1 toy vehicles brand. Incremental sales of diecast cars were 650K units vs. the previous year. This was also the first time the Hot Wheels brand TVC's have ever been produced outside of the US.

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