Musical toys

10" second sponsorship spots were produced for Channel 5's Milkshake. These spots featured Mattels latest Singamajig toys in action.

Each toy sang a particular note or tune. Because you can't advertise a toy during a sponsorship spot, we chose to show they toys key features in a humorous way that would make the audio from the spots clearly identifiable with the toys.

By combining many toys to play a chord, a unique audio track was produced which really made the spots standout. Repeated many times a day, the spots dramatically increased awareness of the toys which were also being promoted heavily in Smiths Toys Store and Toys 'R Us.

Children's hands had to be included to show they toys weren't autonomous and to give a sense of scale. This was one of the many legal requirements in producing commercial material aimed at Children.

Shot in a studio in Bristol, all post and editing work was completed at Olaus Roe, including final channel masters.

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Behind the scenes