Micro Killers - Airborne

Airborne Killer

Micro Killers is a National Geographic docu-drama series about killer diseases. The series features digital effects sequences showing various killer diseases at work. These included such unpleasantries as Ebola, AIDS and Sars - and superflus, such as that now seen in the CORVID-19 Corona virus pandemic. Olaus Roe designed and produced CGI animation sequences that showed the diseases at a microscopic level.

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For this scene an endoscopic camera was taken through a pipe by a motion control rig, to produce the POV of a diseases being spread through the air conditioning of an airliner. Sequences were produced in Maya and Shake and also included the filming of many real materials.Several sequences were created using a combination of prop models and 3D compositing. The production took around 6 months with a dedicated team of 4 to 5 people working on the shots.