Cooking with Blomberg is a piece of cake...

Cooking with Blomberg is a piece of cake...

Kitchen Chaos

We recently had a lot of fun producing a follow-up commercial to our successful Blomberg washing machine ad, this time we introduced the kitchen range.

As always, the journey of creating a commercial starts with a concept. We collaborated with James from Creative Sauce to brainstorm ideas that resonate with the target audience. The goal is to bring the script to life in a way that captivates and engages viewers. Once the concept was finalised, and a script crafted, Dan set about storyboarding the commercial to give everyone involved a visual idea of how the concept could play out.

Blomberg had an ideal location at their headquarters in Watford, in their kitchen showroom. Casting the actors was easy as our father/daughter duo returned from the previous production.
Once props and wardrobe and makeup were meticulously organised, James had the unenviable task of making the cake. And hats-off to him, as after a long night in the kitchen he made a Bake-Off worthy creation that would have earned him a handshake from Paul Hollywood!
Working with children in film and television has it own particular set of working practice rules that are designed to keep our young talent from being overworked. The shoot schedule was designed to accommodate this, and so it was great to have Blomberg set a room set aside for the crew to allow our young actor to rest between her time on set.

Indeed, the folks at Blomberg helped make everything on the two shooting days very easy for the crew; they were readily on-hand sourcing extra props, or with a dishcloth - to help us clean down the cake baking devastation between takes.