The team

Andy in a loop

Over 20 years experience in video and graphics. Director, producer, designer, editor, and Olaus Roe founder. Qualified airborne drone camera operator. Incapable of not spilling his coffee.

Andy set up the company in 2001 and has since been creating film, animation and digital content for a wide range of clients. He started his career with 422 Ltd where he was Head of Multimedia, and projects that he worked on there included several installations for the Millennium Dome, the launch and branding of BBC Web-wise and some of the first ever pages constructed for the original BBC web site. Andy is multi-skilled across all areas of filming, editing, design & animation and he has filmed in locations all over the world including China, India, Japan, Germany, the USA and Canada. In his spare time, anything Lego-related is always a welcome distraction.