Comet Demos

Olaus Roe produced nearly 100 explanatory films for one of the UK’s largest electrical retail stores. These films gave an overview of products and technology in a way that was entertaining and humorous. The content was used on their website and other online platforms, to drive traffic through to their online store.

Due to the diverse nature of the products, traditional filming would have required a vast amount of locations. To find a more cost-effective way of addressing this difficulty, we filmed each product in a studio and used the company’s brand graphic style to introduce the environments the equipment would be found in. This approach was not only cost- effective, but also allow the films to be “re-skinned” when the company re-branded.

Olaus Roe wrote the scripts for each film, sourced all presenter talent, managed the process of product shipments as well as filming and all Post Production. At the time the store also sold 3D TVs! So some of the films were produced in 3D with duel stereo camera equipment.

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Comet Demos

40% conversion rate from watching the films, to purchasing a product.

The client saw a 40% conversion rate from watching the films, to purchasing a product, with the average purchase price being around £400. The company also saw record hits to their website.

Comet Demos
Comet Demos
Comet Demos

Olaus Roe was one of the first production companies in the UK to film in 3D, with much of the kit still being experimental. Our client was in the unique position of being able to show the content in-store, with 3D demo TVs being accessible to the public.

This film also shows the new brand style the demo films were later changed to.

The creative from the popular online films was translated into broadcast commercials for Comet. The quirky style and approach of the TVC had proven to be very successful. Olaus Roe did all of the Pre and Post Production and used talent from the online films.

An early Comet ad that featured a CGI environment. This TVC was updated fortnightly with the products being shipped to our Bristol studios for filming and inserting into the ads by Olaus Roe. Due to the confidential nature of pricing, each ad was completed on a “last minute” schedule to get ahead of the competition.

At Olaus Roe we have a track record of working with some the countries best CGI animators, and have full access to additional teams if required. CGI can often be a great way of telling a story without requiring filming.

Later TVCs went on to use real environments to add a life-style element to the brand. This required location filming to be combined with the new product every 2 weeks. The products were lit and shot in a way that would allow them to be seamlessly composited into the footage.

Some behind the scenes images from one of the UK’s first 3D corporate productions.