Embarkation - Sci-FI Short

A very special bike

A short Sci-fi film produced for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 hour Film Festival. Written by and starring, Garry Summers and Bernie Hodges. Made by team Olaus Roe.

Our Brief:
Title: EMBARKATION - 48hrs London Sci-fi Competition 2013

Line: It was as much a product of luck and timing as everything else.

Prop: "A torch - A character shakes the torch, pulls it apart, and puts it back together again. it still doesn't work."

Shop keeper - Garry Summers
Customer - Bernie Hodges
Child - Coco Bourne
Direction - Andy Bourne
AD & Editor - Dan Hedger
DOP - Eric Huyton
Sound - Paul Baker
Camera - Simon
Music - Ceri Howe
Kit - Films@59
Kit - Eyelights
Green screen - Imagist Studio
With thanks to Bike Works, Bristol

See behind the scenes here

Tags: Short films, Visual effects & Post production