Somerset Supernatural

Filming Paranormal Investigations in Somerset, UK

Nestled in the heart of the English countryside, Somerset is a county rich in history, legends, and a touch of the supernatural. From ancient castles to quaint villages, this region is a prime location for paranormal investigations. For filmmaker and paranormal enthusiast John Shackleton, Somerset offered a unique blend of historical intrigue and eerie atmospheres, making it an ideal backdrop for capturing the mysteries of the unseen for a documentary series. View the promo here.

Somerset's historical depth provides a fertile ground for ghost stories and paranormal activity. Places like the imposing Glastonbury Abbey and the enigmatic Wookey Hole Caves have long been associated with eerie tales. For the pilot episode we provided camera and drone work for three locations, including Shepton Mallet Prison (claimed to be the most haunted prison in the world) a haunted historic costume hire warehouse in Frome and Walton Castle, in Clevedon. Then after many late, and spooky nights filming we produced graphics and promo edits for the launch of the pilot episode.

Tags: Broadcast, Motion graphics