Macro Virtual Productions

We have developed our own pioneering virtual production system designed for macro filming.

Unlike a regular volumetric virtual studio, our compact set-up utilises a high definition LED screen which means a macro lens can be focused at close distance to the background without the appearance of unwanted interference patterns.

Bespoke progamming makes our system simple to use, forgiving of lens changes and capable of loading and saving pre-made background scenarios and animation actions in a matter of seconds. Shot backplates can be utilised, but working in Unreal Engine we can create backgrounds to match your requirements that will allow you much more creative control and flexibility on set, in what would normally be unalterable post-production decisions. For example try moving the camera to a different position in the environment, change the direction of sunlight, or remove it completely and make it a stormy rainswept night.

Camera operators also have free rein to move a near 360° and the virtual background tracks to follow. Likewise, slide in toward the background or go handheld and movement tracks perfectly. The camera operator can concentrate on the shot, with the confidence that the background movement and interactions will be consistent and timed perfectly each time.

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