Science and Factual

Olaus Roe have become specialists in subjects ranging from insects to killer viruses and outer space when working with our broadcast production clients.

We love taking the opportunity for learning that these projects bring, along with the challenge of getting creative with our moving image skills to bring the sciences to life.
Our team has a background in science, factual and education which is maybe why we enjoy engaging with this kind of subject matter and enhancing it with our own brand of creativity.

We’ve worked on a number of TV series about the human body and medical science, also projects for the European Space Agency and natural history and science broadcast producers.
Check out our Science and Factual reel below – also a few example projects are showcased here. Do let us know if you would like to see any more specific examples or require more information.

Science and Technology

Among other deadly diseases, this video features a very current subject matter in the form of a flu virus pandemic.

This compilation also shows a range of our work in both visual effects and graphic content for science and technology videos.

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It's not just a job

Documentary pilot. A light-hearted, fresh, informal look at people in serious roles.

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Down a pig snout

Micro Killers is a National Geographic docu-drama series about killer diseases. The series featured digital effects sequences showing various killer diseases at work. These included such unpleasantries as Ebola, AIDS and Sars.

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Hand Drawn TV graphics

Animated graphic content in the style of watercolour studies in a field
notebook for this David Attenborough narrated natural history programme.

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At Olaus Roe we're completely transparent in our costings, and we pride ourselves on working to a fixed price.

We have Package prices to help clients manage low budget productions, and all projects are fully scoped and budgeted specifically. We’re able to film content at high quality and have our own presentation studio on site. And we have in-house 2D and 3D animation, as well as all graphics, editing and post production requirements